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Our Products

We offer more than just a piece of rectangle shape plastic door.

Bifold Door

Depending your requirements, we offer a wide arrange of sizes of door that will meet your needs.

For any specific size, you may contact us for further information.

Paper Color Palette

Doors should not be dull and boring. We offer a wide arrange of colour choices that helps you find match for your design.

By combining CMYK subtractive colour models, you can match your perfect design with your perfect door.

Light Wood Panel

We offer realistic wood texturing to your doors to make it more lively and realistic.

Our texturing technology allow our doors to blend in with the overall design, providing a realistic nature wood texture look same as a real wood.


We offer variety of sizes to meet all your requirements.

For specific sizes, feel free to contact us anytime with your requirements!

QE Panel Door 

28mm X 760mm X 2100mm

QL Panel Door

35mm X 760mm X 2100mm

QA Panel Door

38mm X 850mm X 2100mm

QF Folding Door

785mm X 2100mm | 850mm X 2100mm

UPVC Door Frame Cross Section Profile

28mm X 110mm

Cellular Panel Door

35mm X 850mm X 2150mm

Cellular Bi-Fold Door

35mm X 860mm X2150mm

Cellular Door Frame Cross Section Profile

40mm X 102mm


Explore the colours that we offer by clicking on the images for expand view.


Our texturing technology applies a realistic wood texture that provides a natural visual to our door.

Please contact us for all the textures available.

Grey Walnut

Basic Colour Series

Walnut Series

H Series


Premium Series

Eleganz Series

Zebra Series

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